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Pictured below on April 6, 2012.

He is certainly progressing; photos taken 30 July, 2011

Fürst Patrick, taken the morning on July 7, on Kai Iwi Beach. He took the challenge of the surf very well.

These pictures were taken on May 19, 2011. The young stallion is just under saddle ridden by Jutta in full armour! He his light-footed and very forward with endless energy.

Jutta is certainly very pleased with him. She says: "I am now madly in love with Fürst Patrick! I've been riding him for about a fortnight and I think he is awesome!"

The below pics were taken 22 May, 2011

Pictured on 24 October, 2010

Fürst Patrick (Filou as a paddock name) arrived 17-02-08 at Vollrath.

What a power movement - Jutta was beside herself - she claimed at the time that she had never seen a foal move like him. Berny reckons he saw this already when he bought him.

Fürst Patrick will be a very valuable addition to Vollrath's breeding programme.

September 6, 2010

FÜRST PATRICK has been broken in just recently and as our super mare LAURETTA (Lessing/Dynamit/Genius) was highly in season and teased the young fellow very much, we decided to get the colt changed into a stallion.

It took a while to have him jump the dummy for collection, but he complied and was very keen.

The resulting donation was examined under the microscope and made the studmaster very happy: 65 ml of filtered sperm = plenty of them with very good motility.

So we used the semen and I inseminated the 17.1hh Lauretta with Filou's very 'virgin' semen.

We will know in due course if it was all successful.

And after his good deed Jutta took FILOU into the arena and gave him a little work out:

Fürst Patrick - October 2010

May 5, 2010

The young stallion is in the process of being broken in. We took FP to the beach for his "virgin outing". He settled down very nicely and took all the tasks Jutta put him through in his stride.

We are certainly pleased with his physical and mental development.


Fürst Patrick at 18 months

Fürst Patrick at 20 months on Nov 22, 2008 - his development is very pleasing to Berny and Jutta.

Let's play!

... all quiet again ...

Our Fürst Patrick (Filou as a paddock name) arrived 17-02-08 at Vollrath. He looked in 'light' condition then, which is not surprising after 5 weeks in transit at his tender age of 11 months. Look at his 'haircut' he received in UK to cope with the climate change down under.

After a little welcome feed we led him into the paddock and he had after 5 weeks in boxes his first free run.



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